A little about what I do.

D.I.T. D.I.T.

Develop a proper workflow, assisting cinematographers in achieving their desired look digitally.

Data Managing Data Managing

Backup and securing data, organizing the footage from set to post.

Color Grading Color Grading

Creating a digital emulsion, finding the right look for the visuals adding emotion, builds tension or brings out the beauty.

Photographer Photographer

Always interested in telling stories through characters, locations, scenography and good lighting.

Photo Editor Photo Editor

Bringing all the knowledge acquired in film post-production.

Filmmaker Filmmaker

Develop a project form the beginning through production, shooting and post-production.

About Lorenzo



Lorenzo Vannucci is a passionate photographer and filmmaker, with developed interest in everything related to the image world. My main target is to carry out the tasks in the best possible way, receiving positive feedback on my performance. 

I never stop learning and I don’t miss an opportunity to prove it.

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